Our earthy and refreshing patchouli blend is for those with dry, chapped, and maturing skin. The immunity boosting and deodorant properties of tea tree make this great for those who would like to stay fresh all day long


Relieve your oily and acne prone skin without drying it out with our heavenly blend of sweet orange, vanilla, and lavender



Revive dull and tired skin while reducing the appearance of blemishes with our spicy mix of cypress, ginger, and lime


Yummy vanilla and almond calm and soften rough, problem skin, leaving it silky and radiant


Invigorating eucalyptus, peppermint, and rosemary blast away blemishes while bringing you back to life.


Great for all skin types, healing and soothing lavender along with astringent rosemary and tea tree make this blend perfect for those with sunburn, poison ivy, eczema and other skin conditions


This sensual blend of jasmine, sweet chamomile, and lovely lavender will relieve dry and sensitive skin